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General Instructions for the issue of Transcripts


For the issue of Transcript, a student is required to fill out the online application form available on

Notification regarding online Transcript Application (Revised)

Notification transcript by email

Format for program/course

Online Application Form for Transcript (CLICK HERE)


The student has to fill out the application form himself/herself.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: The signed and scanned copies of the following documents are to be uploaded in PDF form as a single file with the online line application form, as per instructions therein.

  • Signed copies of all the mark sheets (Part/Semester wise) of the student
  • Copy of syllabus/Title of the Papers of the program/course studied and/or details of the paper code, paper title, marks, subject credits, grade points, and credit points earned as applicable.
  • Signed copy of the online fee payment(If Applying Under Fast Track Mode)
  • Signed copy of the passport of the Student (for those who are abroad)
  • Signed copy of Priority evidence for Fast Track Application
  • Signature of the student
  • Signed copy of the valid official id of the student issued by Government Authorities such as an Aadhar Card/Election Card/Driving License

Note:-  Student Need to Upload all Supporting Documents in a Single PDF File which should be legible and Clear, Blur documents will be considered incomplete applications.

The name of all the subjects studied including optional subjects (if any) should be mentioned in full in the application form. No abbreviations will be accepted.  In the event of any doubt about the name of the subject/s, the College/Department/Faculty concerned/Course Syllabus may be consulted. Any discrepancy/absence of the name of the subject will be considered an incomplete application.


PRESCRIBED FEE FOR TRANSCRIPT: The student is required to submit the requisite fee as per the details given below:-


Transcript Fee

(I) If applied from within India

(II) If applied from Abroad

Up to 6 years

Rs. 1000/-

US$ 100

More than 6 years

Rs. 1500/-

US$ 150

Additional Fee, if applicable


(I) If applied from within India

(II) If applied from Abroad

Additional Copies of the Transcript

Rs. 100/- per copy

US$ 10 per copy

If applying under Fast Track

Rs. 2000/-

US$ 50

Postage Charges

Rs. 500/- per postage for postage within India

US$ 50 per postage for postage outside India



  1. With a Single Registration on the Server, Students can apply for a single course only
  2. Additional copies need to be applied at the time of submitting an online application. A fresh application is required if additional copies are needed subsequently.
  3. Students can apply only 5 additional copies at one time.
  4. The online application form has to be submitted by the student himself/herself.
  5. The number of years will be calculated from the last examination passed.
  6. The student has to opt for delivery of the Transcript by post at the time of application. No subsequent request for delivery by post will be entertained.
  7. Online applications for Transcripts cannot be later withdrawn to claim a fee refund. Fee once paid cannot be adjusted under any different head.



UNDER NORMAL COURSE: The transcript will normally be issued within 21 working days in cases where the application is found to be complete and correct in all respects. Request for urgent disposal of Transcripts applied under ‘Normal Course’ head will require a deposit of additional fee as per applicable rates under ‘Fast Track’ besides fulfilling other applicable terms.

UNDER FAST TRACK: If the transcript is desired under fast track, supporting documents to establish the urgent requirements of the Transcript should be uploaded. Transcript under fast track will be issued subject to (i) prior approval of the said application (ii) deposit of additional fee as applicable (iii) application is complete in all respects and no discrepancy found. An application cannot be considered under Fast Track merely because an additional fee is paid for that, there should be supporting documents submitted to credibly prove that the need for a transcript is urgent. Transcripts under fast track will be issued on priority which may take about 10 working days. An additional fee paid under the fast-track application shall not be refundable.

INCOMPLETE APPLICATION: A student has to go through all the instructions before applying for a Transcript. Incomplete applications may not be processed further till all required information/documents are supplied.

After completion of the online process including payment of the prescribed fee, the student will receive an acknowledgment receipt showing that the request of the student for the issue of a Transcript has been provisionally accepted subject to the application being completed/verified in the Examination Branch.

DELIVERY OF TRANSCRIPT: Transcript can be collected from the student dealing windows in the Examination Branch concerned within 30 days of the issue of the Transcript at the following address (On working days, from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm):-

For Students from North Campus Colleges

For Students from South Campus Colleges

Window No. 9, University Gate no. 1,

New Examination Block, North Campus,

University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Examination Branch (Next to SBI Bank)

Counter No. 2, University of Delhi,

South Campus, New Delhi - 110021


The following documents will be required to take delivery of the Transcript personally.

  • A valid official id of the student issued by Government Authorities such as an Aadhar Card/Election Card/Driving License Aadhar Card in original needs to be shown at the window of the Examination Branch concerned.
  • Copy of the acknowledgment receipt of the Online Application.

The following documents will be required to take delivery of the Transcript through an authorized representative (as mentioned in the online application form).

  • Signed copy of the valid official id of the authorized representative (as mentioned in the application form) issued from Government Authorities such as a Passport/Aadhar Card/Election Card/Driving License.
  • Copy of acknowledgment receipt.
  • Copy of fee payment receipt for Transcript.

Students must receive the Transcript documents within 6 months of issuance, University will not be responsible for the Transcript document after 6 Months. If the transcript is not collected within the prescribed time, the same will be consigned to unclaimed transcripts which may not be retrieved at future date. In such cases, the student has to apply fresh following all the requirements of a new application.


PROHIBITION OF OUTSIDE AGENCY FOR ISSUE OF TRANSCRIPTS: The University does not entertain any outside agency on behalf of students for the issue of Transcripts. Taking the services of some outside agencies for getting the transcript issued from the University is strictly prohibited. If it is found that a student is availing/has availed the services of an outside agency, appropriate action will be taken as per the rules.

SENSITIZING THE PUBLIC ABOUT CORRUPTION: Do not pay bribes. If anybody in the Examination Office or anyone outside asks for a bribe in cash/kind or you have any information on corruption in this office or if you are a victim of corruption in this office you can complain to the officer in charge (S.O./A.R./D.R./J.R) of the Section concerned/OSD-Examination/Dean-Examination in the Examination Wing of the University.

DISCLAIMER: It will be the sole responsibility of the student who is applying for a Transcript to ensure that the application is complete in all respects with all the supporting documents. The student has to go through all the instructions carefully. The Examination Branch shall not be responsible for any inconvenience caused or liability and/or loss incurred by the student.

For grievances/queries: / 011-27001021

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